We are now processing all employment verification requests



To make a request, please go to:


and complete the sign up form. After you sign up, you will

receive an email with a username, password and instructions

about how to get started. If you are a 3rd party vendor,

please sign up with your corporate name and list which of your

clients you are verifying on behalf of (ex. Tenstreet on behalf

of Joe’s Trucking). If you do not have DOT # or ICC #, just

enter N/A or zeros in those fields.



If you are already a Tenstreet client, you do not need to sign

up for an account, you can either go through Process and

Xchange or through the Xchange tab to make your request.

The request method will automatically default to “network”

(instead of fax, phone, etc), so please do not change it.

**If you have already made a request electronically on the

Tenstreet website and you are just faxing over a signed

release, we will process your request shortly