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How Truck Drivers Can Get More Time at Home

Father and son in the cab of a truck.

Seasoned truck drivers know that it’s a struggle to balance a healthy family life with life on the road. But the key to getting more time at home is simple: choosing a great trucking company that wants to help you achieve that. And not all trucking companies are alike!  At Classic Carriers, we know how… Read more »

5 Tips For Getting a Good Night’s Sleep in the Cab

Truck driver sleeping in his cab.

Let’s face it: for truckers, getting a good night’s sleep on the road can be a challenge. Sleep is important for your health and safety as a driver – but most long-haul truckers don’t get enough of it.  Whether you’re new to the road, your sleeping habits have changed, or you’ve always had trouble getting… Read more »

Why NOW is the Time to Start a Career in Trucking

Female truck driver talking on her radio.

Why is now the best time to start a career in trucking? The pandemic and resulting supply chain disruptions made it clearer than ever that truckers are essential to keeping our economy moving.  Big box stores also sped up the transition to online ordering and fulfillment, increasing the need for skilled drivers. The economic outlook… Read more »

FAQs on Getting a CDL To Become a Truck Driver

Grey Classic Carriers Truck

Interested in becoming a truck driver? Get answers to the most common questions about how to obtain your CDL and get moving!  How Old Do I Need to Be to Get a CDL? In Ohio, you must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid Ohio driver’s license for intrastate (within the state… Read more »

Tips for Truckin’ with Your Pet

Classic Carrier driver’s dog looking outside the truck window.

Anyone who is a pet owner knows that pets sort of just weave a special place in your heart. Therefore, don’t leave your furry friend behind when truckin’. Pets can provide companionship and entertainment while on the road. They are also good for a trucker’s physical and mental health. In fact, about 40 percent of… Read more »

Classic Carriers’ New Truck Technology

Inside of Classic Carrier’s new updated cabs

New technologies are changing the face of truck driving for the better. Drivers now have in-cab technology that provides added safety, greater efficiency and better communication. At Classic Carriers, we are proud to have undergone a technology upgrade in our trucks in 2021 to ensure our drivers had the best technology to suit their needs…. Read more »

Proud to Recognize & Honor the Classic Carriers Top Truck Drivers

Focused truck driver driving safely

At Classic Carriers, we take our culture and family environment seriously. That means we know our drivers by name, and we say ‘thank you’ for a job well done. This is why we implemented the Classic Carriers Driver Recognition Program, so we could honor the drivers’ hard work and reward them with gifts and financial… Read more »

FAQs: Our Truck Driver Training Program

A Classic Carriers truck that is used in the truck driver training program.

The truck driver training program at Classic Carriers is a win-win for those looking to start a career in truck driving, and it also helps us keep our driver pool full. What is the driver training program at Classic Carriers? The program begins with the four-week truck driving course at the Ohio Business College to… Read more »