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Healthy Meal Prep for Long-Haul Truck Drivers

healthy meal prep for truck drivers

You’re on the road. You’re hungry. You want to be healthy, but your long-haul schedule and the ease and convenience of the fast-food places along our highways and byways is just too tempting.  Turns out you’re not alone. According to the CDC, long-haul truck drivers are more likely to develop health issues due to their… Read more »

5 Tips For Getting a Good Night’s Sleep in the Cab

Truck driver sleeping in his cab.

Let’s face it: for truckers, getting a good night’s sleep on the road can be a challenge. Sleep is important for your health and safety as a driver – but most long-haul truckers don’t get enough of it.  Whether you’re new to the road, your sleeping habits have changed, or you’ve always had trouble getting… Read more »

Tips for Truckin’ with Your Pet

Classic Carrier driver’s dog looking outside the truck window.

Anyone who is a pet owner knows that pets sort of just weave a special place in your heart. Therefore, don’t leave your furry friend behind when truckin’. Pets can provide companionship and entertainment while on the road. They are also good for a trucker’s physical and mental health. In fact, about 40 percent of… Read more »

Trucking & COVID-19: Tips to Keep You Safe and Healthy on the Road

Man in semi truck wearing a face mask

Truck drivers are on the front lines of the coronavirus epidemic as they keep supplies and goods moving while risking personal health traveling state-to-state. Now, more than ever, drivers need to be proactive in staying healthy. Tips to Help Avoid the Coronavirus, Flu & Other Viruses While on the Road Maintain Your Distance Limit close… Read more »

3 Tips to Stay Fit as a Truck Driver

Man walking around semi truck

It can be challenging to maintain an exercise routine when your career has you on the road regularly. However, it is possible! And physical activity is critical to helping truck drivers stay healthy and alert while also lowering stress levels. Use these three tips to creatively fit exercise into your life on the road. 1)… Read more »

A Truck Driver’s Tips on How to Eat Healthy and Drive All Day

Healthy foods packed for truck drivers lunch

Eating healthy consistently is a common challenge for many people, and even more so for truck drivers.  While on the road, they face additional obstacles such as the temptation of fast-food meals, oversized convenience store snacks and irregular schedules. In fact, long-haul truck drivers are twice as likely to be overweight compared to the adult working… Read more »