Inside the Cab with Adam Harding

Adam Harding with his Classic Carriers semi truck

Meet Adam Harding, a 17-year veteran truck driver. Adam joined the Classic Carriers team nearly three years ago and says “freedom” is the best part of being a truck driver.

Adam’s Take on Being a Truck Driver

What He Enjoys Most About Being a Truck Driver: Freedom

Favorite Route: The Northwest for its beautiful scenery

Tips for Balancing Time on Road & Family Life:  Your family must support and understand your lifestyle as a trucker. Also, make the most of your time while home with them.

Advice to a New Truck Driver: The first six months will be horrible, but it will get better with time. Don’t give up!

His Favorite Companions/Riders While on the Road: My cat, Buddy, and my girlfriend. We enjoy the scenery while traveling across the country together.

What He Enjoys Most About Working for Classic Carriers: Freedom and respect

Adam’s View from the Road

Adam Harding, 17-Year Truck Driver

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