Thinking About Being a Truck Driver? Tips to Help You Decide

Young man driving a semi truck

Is becoming a truck driver the right career move for you? Maybe you are fresh out of school, entering the workforce for the first time or were recently laid off, or perhaps you are simply burnt out and looking for a job change.  In any scenario, take time to evaluate career paths to help ensure… Read more »

Proud to Recognize & Honor the Classic Carriers Top Truck Drivers

Focused truck driver driving safely

At Classic Carriers, we take our culture and family environment seriously. That means we know our drivers by name, and we say ‘thank you’ for a job well done. This is why we implemented the Classic Carriers Driver Recognition Program, so we could honor the drivers’ hard work and reward them with gifts and financial… Read more »

Is Truck Driving a Career for Me? Pros & Cons

New truck driver and trainer reviewing checklist on a clipboard

Becoming a truck driver is a big career choice. And just like any career, there are pros and cons to the job. Enjoying the pros and understanding how to manage the cons is what sets you up for success.  The Pros of Being a Truck Driver Exciting daily life as you get paid to explore… Read more »

FAQs: Our Truck Driver Training Program

A Classic Carriers truck that is used in the truck driver training program.

The truck driver training program at Classic Carriers is a win-win for those looking to start a career in truck driving, and it also helps us keep our driver pool full. What is the driver training program at Classic Carriers? The program begins with the four-week truck driving course at the Ohio Business College to… Read more »

How to Join the Classic Carrier Truck Driver Training Program

A Classic Carriers driver completed the training program and is traveling around the United States trucking for Classic Carriers.

Have you considered becoming a truck driver, but you’re not sure if you are ready to change jobs? Shifting careers is a big decision for anyone. That is why we developed the fully-paid Classic Carriers Truck Driver Training Program to support new drivers and help them seamlessly transition into a career on the road. What… Read more »

Top 10 Safety Tips to Remember While Truckin’ During the Holidays

Semis driving down a crowded highway during a snowstorm.

‘Tis the season for increased traffic, long days, unpredictable weather conditions, and, unfortunately, impaired driving. It all comes with the winter holiday season as people travel to celebrate with family and friends. Before you head out on your next route, take time to review these 10 safety tips to help keep you and all others… Read more »

Road Rage Be Gone! Tips For Keeping Your Cool Behind the Wheel

Traffic on a highway that can cause road rage.

Road rage: You’ve seen it. You may have even been a part of it. Getting aggravated with other drivers is common, and even more so for truck drivers who spend a majority of their time on the road. You’ve likely even shared a few laughs about it. But the truth is, road rage is very… Read more »

6 Ways Truckers Can Stay Connected with Family for the Long Haul

A trucker staying connected with his family.

One of the biggest challenges for truck drivers is being away from family and friends while on the road. The good news is that today’s technology makes it easier than ever before to stay connected – and stay together – for the long haul.  1) Schedule Time to Communicate Have a dedicated time when you… Read more »

Shortage of Truck Drivers Continues to Push Up Pay

Trucker driving on a highway with pay chart

High demand for truck drivers continues to push up pay, benefits and bonuses across the nation. In fact, the U.S. has seen a truck driver shortage for the last 15 years, and it is only predicted to keep growing. For those seeking an adventurous career, now is a great time to seek a truck driving… Read more »

Inside the Cab with Driver Trainer Daniel Clark

Inside the Cab with Classic Carriers driver, Daniel Clark

Meet Daniel Clark, a 14-year veteran truck driver who works as a driver trainer at Classic Carriers. He joined the Classic Carriers team eight years ago.  As a driver trainer, Daniel works with new drivers fresh out of CDL school or those who need the required time on the road. He helps them gain the… Read more »