Versatile Temperature-Controlled Trucking Services

Classic Carriers’ temperature-controlled trailers are capable of a 100-degree temperature-controlled range, hauling products at minus 20 degrees up to 80 degrees.

  • We haul a variety of perishable products, such as ice cream, meat, dairy products, fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, and products that manufacturers don’t want to freeze in the winter, such as laundry detergents, paints, adhesives and magnetic strips. 
  • Our reefer trailers are capable of bulkhead loads, with a thermal barrier to allow for hauling different temperature products at the same time.

Refrigerated Freight Capabilities

  • Based in Ohio, serving all 48 contiguous states with a focus east of Interstate 35
  • 135 newer-model trucks (mostly Freightliner Cascadias) and 200 trailers
  • Temperature-controlled truckload and LTL
  • Bulkhead loads available for hauling loads of various temperatures
  • Ability to handle and insure high-value shipments
  • Driver unloading
  • Personalized attention to detail
  • Competitive rates
  • Accepting special projects
  • We are a one-vendor solution, also offering short- and long-term dry storagecold storage and 3rd party logistics services.
View of classic carriers truck

Truck Technology that Brings Reliability

  • Real-time location and temperature monitoring via satellite-equipped trucks and trailers. Monitor product location, temperature and integrity seal.
  • Real-time tracking information via Macropoint, Four Kites and other tracking providers.
  • Automated and expedited data exchange utilizing EDI 204, 214 and 210 transactions.

We are a full-service provider of trucking, warehousing & 3PL. Contact us to learn how we can help you overcome all your logistical and supply chain challenges.

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