Whether you’re a company driver or an owner-operator, Classic offers routine schedules for truck drivers who want steady pay, consistent home time and peace of mind. 

What Is an OTR Route Driver?

An OTR (over-the-road) route driver, also called a set routine driver, runs the same hauls to the same clients according to a regular daily, weekly or monthly schedule. These types of routes are assigned to specific drivers. While dedicated route driving may be similar to local driving, dedicated route drivers tend to pick up both local and regional routes. These types of jobs offer routine miles, steady pay, regular pickup/delivery times and consistent home time. Most of our route drivers work 40-hour weeks.

Benefits of Being an OTR Route Driver

Our set routine OTR drivers enjoy all the benefits of being a company driver or an owner-operator, with the added bonus of knowing exactly which days and routes they will be running.

  • Full time, part-time – anytime! Just commit to the day(s) each week you’re available, and we’ll fill up your schedule
  • Seasonal work available! 
  • Secure a specific lane or type of freight you want to haul
  • Enjoy working with the same customers each week
  • Discover the stops, eateries and roads you prefer as you make the routine your own

If you have a CDL and you’re a safe driver – we can find a route for you… and put money in your pocket!

semi truck owned by Classic Carriers, Versailles, Ohio

If you have a CDL and you’re a safe driver – we can find a route for you… and put money in your pocket!

OTR Route Driver Qualifications

  • Must possess a Class A Commercial Driver License (CDL)
  • Must possess two years of recent verifiable experience, which can include military experience
  • Must possess acceptable motor vehicle record (MVR) based on hiring standards
  • Must be at least 23 years old
  • Must meet all Department of Transportation (DOT) regulatory requirements under section 391 of the Federal Motor Carriers (FMC) regulations
  • Need training? Learn more about our paid training program.

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