Winter Weather Driving Tips for Truckers

Semi Truck driving through snow in the winter.

Blustery winter weather is never fun for drivers, and especially truck drivers. Roads can become dangerous and even impassable when covered with snow, ice and/or blowing snow.

If you are a truck driver, you know conditions can change quickly. Your route can go from clear skies to a winter weather warning in less than an hour.

Therefore, now is the time to be prepared for winter weather by knowing and following these top eight winter weather driving tips.

Top 8 Winter Weather Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

  1. Clean snow and ice off of the roof, mirrors, windows, lights and reflective tape before you head out for the safety of other motorists.
  2. Give 20 feet or more of additional space for safe stopping distances. Traveling a safe distance behind other drivers is especially important when trucking during busy holiday travel days
  3. Watch for brake lights on the vehicles in front of you.
  4. Be cautious of the cloud of powdered snow surrounding your truck and trailer. There may be a car hidden in it.
  5. Use your air conditioner to help keep windows defrosted. Conditioned air is dry air.
  6. Be extra cautious on entrance/exit ramps and bridges. A sharp turn on a slippery ramp can lead to sliding outside your lane. Bridges freeze first and will be more slippery than the roadway.
  7. Slow down to increase your traction. Accelerate and decelerate gradually and carefully. If the pavement is slick, the conditions are ripe for a jackknife so just take it slow. 

Along with taking it slow, stay calm. When a stressful situation is out of your control, such as the weather, take a deep breath and slow down. Impatience and road rage in poor weather conditions is a disaster waiting to happen.

 8. Have an emergency supply of water, blankets, a heavy coat, snow boots, winter gloves, a hat and non-perishables in case you get stranded. 

As a truck driver, you play a huge part in keeping the roads safe. Set the example of what being a good driver means.

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At Classic Carriers, we place high importance on keeping our drivers safe and trust in them to communicate to us when it’s time to shut down for unsafe winter weather conditions. Join the Classic Carriers family today!